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#88969 - After making sure no one else was in the rest room with them, they quietly slipped out of the stall and headed back to the office, with very satisfied pussies indeed!!! It was warm day, so the two women decided to eat their lunched out doors in a office plaza a few blocks away. Each woman then put a finger inside the other's pussy and fingered it vigorously, and since each of them was sopping wet to begin with, they brought each other to quick hard orgasms, kissing deeply while their fingers whipped over each others clits. Angela thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head, so she smirked at him again and gave him one final pussy flex for good measure! She then closed her legs, stood up to exit the bus, and while giving him a lilting, Have a nice day sir, breezed past him out the door and onto the street.

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Chiaki nanami
Pinche profe salio ganon fue el primero que se la metio hahaha
Oouuuu yeah
Setsuna higashi
Tits flash in sna bi us