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Candid Tatsuta wa Mita - Kantai collection Blowjob

[ポッポルンガ] 龍田ちゃんは見た (艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)


Languages: Japanese heyhentai
Categories: Doujinshi
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#100832 - I was a little angry yet saddened when they told you how they had used you, Made you fall in love with them for a cruel joke, You dumped me for this other person even though they were married with a kid on the way even though at the time you never knew that, They were just someone who managed to treat you better than I could have in my wildest dreams, They treat you like a queen while I could only treat you as a princess, That all changed though when they hurt you, I guess it hurt me a lot more knowing you finally got to feel the pain I felt every moment I was without you, I am truly sorry for the pain you did feel, You know aswell as I that if I could of taken the pain I would have, I would have taken every little bad feeling you had and added them to all the pain I had to feel, Still do feel, I would of let you live a life without pain or fear if only I knew how, I would suffer every bad moment in life if it meant you could spend a lifetime of happiness, I know I did manage to do one

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