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#222680 - As you probably know, Andrea went on, I have had a long discussion with your mother, and we have decided on a course of action that is right for you, now remember, if you have any questions at all please be free to ask me, that's what I'm here for! After taking a one more moment to rev?iew her notes, Andrea began, First of all, your mother wanted me to check and make sure that you are wearing a properly fitted bra, as it seems she feels with a chest your size you need a little more support! Getting up from her desk, Mrs. Patterson walked around and had Millie stand up and remove her blouse. Take off you bra, child, ordered her teacher, and we'll find out exactly what size you should be wearing! With her breasts now bare in the cool office air, Millie's nipples stood out like two little erections, practically begging to be sucked! You have beautiful nipples, dear, said Andrea, just the type that men love to suck on, it would be a shame to have them att

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