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#332902 - One insect anaesthetized the boy’s nut by injecting its proboscis into the nut, the mosquito went deeper to until it detected a spot where there was a chamber filled of immature-young sperm the insect’s feeding tube started absorbing the little swimmers though the mosquito was having problems to keep the proboscis straight because the boy’s testicle was moving a lot, the boy’s scrotum’s skin was totally retracted and tight The mosquito finally retracted his proboscis, it had scanned every side of that testicle and absorbed every sperm. The mosquitoes started to deposit their eggs inside the boy’s navel button, his navel was deep and he never cleaned it so it was full of bacteria, the perfect ecosystem for the eggs. The weather at that time of the year was quite humid and hot, Sebastian couldn’t bear the heat so he made a stop to undress, it was quite normal for him to be nude, he enjoyed always being nude around the house, it was a shame that he hadn’t brought his bug spray there wer

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