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#137871 - She said, “ok, I would like Mandy to ride you if you are ok with that…?” I nodded yes again, and sis got up off the bed gently. ” “after listening to me talk about you for so long, you are kind of her ideal guy at this point too…” Now the young and dumb part of me comes in and I say without thinking, “you want me to choose her or you?” As I said it, I knew it was stupid and dumb…but I was only 18 give me a little break… Amanda is now mortified and shying away, and sis looks me in the eye and says, “no you fool, we are asking you if you would share what we have with her a little. We all sat there talking and Amanda kept putting her hand on my leg and would fling her hair around towards my face occasionally.

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Dorothy gale
Wish she was till around she was one of the best
Whats her name
Nanako kuroi
Can anyone send mepart 2 pleaseee