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#149293 - Derek went from shock to anger, stepping up behind her he pushed her across the back of the sofa with her ass high in the air, she gasped in shock and turned to look back in fear as Derek screamed, “ALL RIGHT THEN, WHY DON’T WE BOTH FEEL GUILTY!” He flipped up her little skirt and grabbed the soaked “G” string yanking it hard stripping it from her behind, Cheryl shrieked as she felt the silky material whisk over her pussy and up between her ass cheeks the sound of the tearing cloth ringing in hear ears. They were both convulsing the rocky road hid their frantic motions, Derek was gasping he couldn’t believe what he felt around his cock, his cock was drenched in her seeping hot pussy juice and it was drooling down mixed with his cum dripping over his flexing balls.

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