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#159847 - I saw Grant now, on the bench, Princes cock fully home as they both enjoyed a long fast fuck, the knot yet to go in, was close, but like me Grant knew by keeping it out, made Prince fuck for longer. I love the speed and length, taking it fully up my arse, I held my butt tight to stop his knot going in to quick, this seemed to make him fuck longer, he pushed harder and harder into me, then after some 10 minutes or so, his knot went in, swelling behind my anus lips he knotted once more with me, how he was building up for his climate, I felt ever inch, my anus so sensitive, I was in ecstasy with one long orgasm, I have never felt so well fucked before, I was full of dog cock, and about to be flooded with his cum. I let Prince wander out side where I could see a spa as well.

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Matoi tsunetsuki
Love all the women on top of each other looks fun
Miyu mifune
Lol she was tired af