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#253345 - He had released something in me and I wanted to feel his hard cock in my mouth, I didn’t feel the urge for him to make me cum, I just wanted to feel him and make him cum. Within seconds my cock was in his mouth and he was blowing me, the feeling was out of this world and was better than any blowjob I had ever had, but for some reason after 5 minutes or so I stopped him, even though l was now where near cumming. I am sure Keith suspected or knew because he would often tease me and say that he wanted to suck my cock, and often used to grab a feel of my arse l always used to show him and tell him that I wasn’t interested and push him away and tell him I was straight but he would carry on every chance he got and I always told him no! (No Idea why because as soon as he would go and leave me I would be wanking away over what might have been.

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