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#167277 - Then, her left arm was raised so that it rested at a 90-degreengle to her side, and an incision was made under the left armpit according to the newfangled Eckels-Genung method. She knew that her husband was upset and worried that the long-planned treat he had arranged for their fourteenth wedding anniversary - that she should accompany him as an equal partner on the summer maneuvers of the Austro-Hungarian Army in Bosnia, evading for once the infuriating, ever-present straitjacket of protocol which dictated that the lower-born Sophie should always take a distinctly inferior place to her husband, going so far as to force her to enter buildings at separate points from Franz Ferdinand at formal events, and banning their children from the line of succession to the throne - would be spoiled by the political unrest. Sophie turned again to her husband, intending to make a quip about excitable Bosnians, but the joke never passed her lips.

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