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#277034 - well she lost, her team fell apart on the third quarter and they lost really badly, she hung her head low, I tried to console her, but she did want it, I said I'll call off the bet if you'd like, she said oh no, that's not it, it's that my team just gave up, it's just sad, that's all, I said oh honey, they'll get it together, so she went off, I said ok guys, looks like this Friday is going to be interesting, they were all over that. But that only happened twice, she was all over the game, so finally I said honey, your team isn't doing so well, she said oh yea, wanna bet on it, I said what dishes or do you want to make a real bet, she said whats on your mind you stud, I smiled and said if your team wins, I'll serve your next woman's meeting nude, but if my team wins, you do the same for the poker game this coming Friday, she looked at the others, they were all smiles, she said hum, see you nude serving the ladies would be fantastic, but

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