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#142877 - I let his boxers drop and I straddled his legs and sat on his thighs, my tits were right in front of his face and his cock was only a few inches from my soaking wet pussy, Suck my nipples Daniel! he leaned forward and licked my nipple, it was like an electric shock, then he took my nipple into his mouth and sucked it, I lifted his other hand and put it on my other tit and told him he could touch my tits any time we were together like this, he was very timid in his touch so i told him i liked firm hands and that he was to play with my nipples and that he could even pinch them. Daniel started pushing into me again and he was getting more urgent, he was coming again and I wasnt close yet, I could feel him stiffen inside me and he shot another load of cum into me, he wanted me to stop saying he was too sensitive but I kept fucking him until I finally came, It was such an intense orgasm, my legs felt weak.

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