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#393043 - From what I gather he husband isn’t into it…the only problem is that while she has gotten me to where I can do multiple shots with her…She knows that once I am in her ass…I get so excited that when I am done there…I am done. I took her to a hockey game one night and she really enjoyed that as well…and it was fun for me to see her dressed down as I had bought her a team jersey to wear to the game. She looked lovely and smiled that smile that lights up a room…I was sitting on the bed watching television and she moved over to kiss me…She looked at me apologetically and said,” I have got to change or we’ll be late”…We had tickets to the new production of My Fair Lady in town and she was running late… I’m a 57 year old defense executive …I hit the gym regularly and keep myself in pretty good shape…I met Virginia thru the sugar bowl…a wonderful internet site that introduces younger women (“sugar babies”) to generous older men (“Sugar daddy’s”).

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