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#146146 - We will both be in our bedroom and I will blindfold her and begin licking her pussy and you will swap and take over from me!” Natalya simply nods and smiles at Dolph as she walks to her car, she drives a lovely Mercedes Benz which is coloured black. Natalya grins and spanks Karna on her cute ass; staring at Dolph and she nods shyly Karna moans playfully oh my; Natalya you naughty little minx! Well, Karna, why do you not get Natalya naked then and then you can sit back and watch me lick her. Suddenly she screams out again in pleasure, Mm Yes, what is her name Love! as she did not quite hear it as she was being pleasured too much! Her name is Natalya; she saw your picture at work and told me how beautiful you were.

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