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#318623 - Returning downstairs after warning Rob and keith to leave Teri alone after their showers,I find Sherry in the kitchen with a butcher knife in her hand “If any of your fucking friends lay a hand on me or Teri again I won’t hesitate to use this!” Swinging the knife in front of me, on the backward swing she moves closer to me. As she struggled against us i threaten her “Quit it or Teri won’t leave here unless it in a body bag from being fucked to death!” hearing that she quit struggling completely as we waited for my friends to show! To be Continue. “Either shower or get out before more friends show up!” All she does is move back into the center of the tub, standing there like a statue, so I take off my pants and get in behind her, grabbing a loofah glove and give her a quick wash.

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Deliciosa mamada de co o
Sandy is certainly a hot fuck