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#78001 - After we had our sleep I spoke to Kim about her uncle Tony; I asked how it all stated, she said when I was 8 you used to go to Europe a lot on business, yes I remember that, one week you were away uncle tony came over we were watching TV one night at about 9pm I said was going to bed and said good night kisses them both as I kissed uncle tony he put his hand on my back then let it slip down to my bum and squeezed it I looked at him and he winked at me and said good night sexy I smiled at him and blushed, off I went to bed I could not get the thought of uncle tony out of my head and him squeezing my bum, I don’t no why but I put my hand onto my pusse and started to rub I had no idea what I was doing but it felt nice, after a while I fell asleep but woke up to load sounds coming from your room, I was worried that something was up, I got out of bed to go see, I opened my door and was going over to your room halve way across, uncle tony opened your door he was naked he put his finger to hi

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