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#241001 - , so I hurried back to get it! I unlocked the door and didn't think anyone was still there, but as I approached the rear of the store I could hear some strange sounds coming from the stock room!!! I crept back really slow and peeked into the room, and holy smokes, there was old lady Wilson on her knees sucking off a twenty something guy with a nice big fat pecker!!! She had all of her clothes off, and let me tell ya, that was a scary sight!!! She's definitely on the hefty side, and her tits were really huge and fat, among other things!!! The guy just stood there and calmly got his dick sucked, while Wilson was doing her best vacuum imitation on him!!! He groaned a little when he came, and cum dribbled out of her mouth down onto her chest!!! He started to put his cock away, but she begged him to fuck her, and then, now this is the wild part, he said it would cost her an extra hundred if he had to do her!!! No wonder such a good looking guy was havin' sex with her, she w

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