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#215963 - On my way home I pick up some flowers and some other items that will come in handy over the weekend. I gently move you onto your back being careful not to wake you, I pull one hand up over your head and put a cuff on it and when I finished I do the same to the other hand, you start to stir but you don't wake up yet, next I go down to your feet and cuff them just like your hands, now with you spread eagle, your pussy begging for my touch, I want to take you but I restrain myself, I come up to your head and gently put the blindfold on, and with everything in place it was time to start what I had been waiting for. The first thing I pull out is a blindfold I look it over and then I set it aside, the next thing I pull out of the bag is two sets of velvet cuffs, one set for the wrist and the other set is for your ankle, and after looking them over as well, I set those aside as well next to the blindfold, as I continue to go through the bag of goodies, I pull out some ba

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