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#143255 - Colors of varied hues reaching through the windows Down to the core of the soul I have played melodies with my fingers Over delicate curves and into sublime valleys Breathing in essences that, in me - compels my hand The torrent of emotions that scar so beautifully Engulfs so completely and renders every resistance so uniquely obsolete Seeping along the sights and sounds Movements and cadences of agony Such agony – such music Beyond measure of time as pleasure laces punishment And pain evolves into excitement and exhilaration A staccato of gasps and moans between cracks and whistles Tremors that not only wrack the edges of consciousness But beat their rhythm on the very soul When sight no longer leads the blurry lights And speech no longer the mundane, but A deep enticing conversation of purrs, growls and moans Restraints that free the soul to explore the boundaries For in this hand I hold your surrender And in the other I hold your love. Master's Re

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If it s white it s alright if it s yellow or green insert something that rhymes that means go to the doctor
David king
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