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#369316 - He s not been gambling again?Don t think soThen what?The trust is gone Trish, were supposed to look over our shoulders on duty, but not at home as wellI don t want him near me or touching me, but if I don t hide my feelings Glyn & Beth will notice, I can t risk that so I have to play alongOh shit!Its eating me up Trish, that bald bastard got us out of one sort of shit, but now I m not who I used to be or who I want to beTrish pondered for a while if Amanda lost her nerve and came clean the fall out would destroy both of them. Anita and Sunnita were no exceptions yet given that they and their husbands were willing participants in his business activities. Alex had been less full on with his mum yet made the most using the vibrator on her in the shower.

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