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#319678 - I went to my room to enjoy watching porn, I felt so sexy and had a couple of cold beers to satisfy my needs, I started to think of ways to fuck my self since I used to finger my ass hole and enjoy it every now and then, I looked for any objects that I can use to penetrate my self, after searching the house I decided to use two 17 inch long candle with proper diameter and a little pointed at the end, a rocket shape, so it would be easy to enter my ass but, I got my self Vaseline, then placed a mirror beside my bed, to enjoy what I am doing, I used my finger to put Vaseline in my nice soft pink butt hole so it will be ready, my ass was soft and round I guess I had the shape of my mother butt but smaller, some times looking at my ass in a mirror and playing with, made me cum, when pushing the Vaseline deep into my hole was so exciting for me, after finishing filling my butt hole with the cream I started with one candle moving it slowly into my ass, I was enjoying each inch moving in me, I

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