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#222301 - When the girls get home, I have cleaned both of their rooms and ironed their clothes dinner is in the stove I hate this my whole body hurts I am so tired I ask if I can go to bed early and she says after the kitchen is cleaned after dinner and if the girls don’t want to use me. When he is done he tells me to tuck him into his pants I hate him he slaps me and tells me to get his breakfast. I was about to go to sleep when I heard my door open I looked up to see Kat come in she gets in the bed with me and puts her hand between my legs I ask her what she is doing when she tells me that she wants to make me feel good and I tell her no she slaps me and I want to fight back, but I know if I do she will tell her mother and I will be beaten so I lay there when she gets on top of me she begins grinding her pussy on me and I begin to feel funny she starts kissing me and the feeling between my legs begins to grow and when she pulls what I later learn is my clit it feels so good I ask her what’s

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The only girl who can make me wet
Meryl stryfe
This is good but the acting sucks
Rei hino
Yesss i want to be filled up like that