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#87207 - Wilkins' collar, forcing his mouth hard into her hot slit, and Miranda could tell by the way she was grinding her hips that the teacher was about to have her orgasm. Miss Carruthers dragged Miranda over to the desk and threw her into a nearby chair, and said Gettin' off watching us, weren't you, bitch!?! Miranda now shaking with real fear, didn't say a word as the enraged teacher took her hand and put it up to her nose and spat, Just as I thought, pussy juice! While Miss Carruthers raged on, Miranda got a chance to look at Mr. Wilkins and spat, She's better than you, maggot, I might just trade you in and keep her!!! Would you like that you little cunt, Miss Carruthers asked Miranda? Miranda, now completely in the thrall of the Amazonian mistress, just nodded her head yes! See, asshole, she said to the principal, she appreciates me! Looking at the clock on the wall, Miranda realized how late it had become, and she still had to get those lab resu

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Michelle cheung
This is one of your best hentais i love it when your legs are this hairy
Guy cecil
Bet you feel dumb rn huh