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#127197 - she position her self so I could take full advantage of what was in front of me, and I responded by taking full advantage of it, my mouth was all over and she wanted more don't stop she said and I keep going more, and more all I could hope for was a longer tongue and she did too, cause when I ask if she said don't ask just do it so it went deep in side her ass and at the same time she started moan, calling for the all mighty and for me no to stop, and when I notice she was all wet again with lots and lots of juice it drove me more crazy wanting more and more, my heart was beating so fast I could do nothing to stopped if I wanted to, and I didn't wanted to We have no notion of time anymore nor we care anymore, then she look's at me and said what are you waiting for I know you wanted, and bad so as ovidiant as I wanted to be I enter her so slowly enjoying every single second of it embracing me with her arms and legs rap around as to not to let me escape, ha!

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Watch for poison ivy
Oh it was awesome ur looking sexy
She is a good milf