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#213298 - Spike howls as he shoots his big load finishing his job in this beautiful mate he has found as he is so proud of himself of a job well down! He’s so pleased that this weird female was willing to take his fertile seed as she will definitely going to be pregnant with his litter that will grow into a strong breed! Abbie felt his very hot cum flow into her womb push in the deepest areas of her fallopian tubes! She she could feel that her womb couldn’t take anymore as it start to expand from the pressure from being over flowed! Her cervix kept every drop inside as she kept pouring his seed in his new mate! Joey watched as her womb started slowly expanding in front of him like it was a water balloon on a sinks faucet! “Her stomach is expanding even more he must be getting her pregnant!” Abbie felt her belly dropping as she was getting to the size of a baseball in her womb! She was shocked that her body could even hold this much volume! he kept shooting his load as he pulled on her getting

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