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#16717 - On the phone, Aunty B said she would be delighted to see me but had to tell me that Kate was staying down in Bristol to go to a party with Kath (for non UK readers, Bristol and Cheltenham are also about 40 miles apart) and in those circumstances did I still want to come? How much thought do you think that took? Quite right and very soon after that I had packed a case (including a few little toys) and was heading for the ring road and the main road to Cheltenham. ‘So’ I said ‘ You want me to light your fuse?’ ‘You can light my fuse so easily Rick ……… ‘ joked my sister Kath, ‘its just that its very heavy this month … it’d be like treading grapes!!!’ ‘You two are disgraceful’ came the pious voice of Aunty B who must have been awake for much of this conversation.

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