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#67354 - I got this idea from DragoTimes, his stories were incredible, and I thought I might want to make my own, I had a high WPM and was pretty good when it came to vocab and grammar, and I had spell check and a very good editor on my side, MS Word (Office 2016). I gave Ashley a kiss and asked her to meet me at my apartment at 7:30PM, for sexy times and trying some new hypothesis I came up with a while ago after finding out anyone was an instant all-knowing computer. I dove into her body licking and stabbing her vagina with my touch, she moaned lightly, trying not to let anyone hear us.

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Mizuki kanzaki
Oh beautiful cunt me too i love huge creampie
Stella vermillion
Remember the uber hayley
Hiromi yuasa
No one brother no one
Kanako miyamae
What is her full artistic name
Izuru hitachi
This was more exciting than that time i was robbed at gunpoint
Relm arrowny
Getting down to this as hard as being seismic tossed by charizard