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#148015 - Over the course of a few months I had become quite close to many of the 50 clients, when one night whilst I was doing my rounds I heard several moans coming from one of the rooms, I slowly opened the door and I noticed that Mrs Smith a young 82 was laying on her back with a cucumber between her legs, slowly moving it in and out, up until then I hadn’t thought that the clients were sexually active, as I stared at the sight before me, I failed to notice that her husband was sitting to the left of the room wanking, I must have stared for several minutes when Mr Smith stood up and placed a finger to his lips and signalled me to come next to him, mesmerized I obeyed walked over and sat in the chair next to him, all the time his wife had her eyes closed and was gaining speed pushing the cucumber in and out of her well used pussy. Whilst watching this Mr Smith had unzipped my pants and was giving me head, Mrs Smith was sitting on the bed with her nightdress pulled up and her fingers pullin

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