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#78746 - thought to himself, his eyes wincing open as the grip slacked, holding him by the scalp to hover over a salivating and wide open boar mouth, not to mention the teeth! Ahhhhhhhhhh, Yao groaned out, his tongue stretching out and expanding in mass of crimson flesh, almost a good two meters in diameter and a handful of meters longer than normal. His head was almost cupped into a headrest, massaging and squeezing him into an erotic trance that made him convulse with uninvited sensations of nirvana. You've tasted good, runt, Yao chuckled darkly, watching the bite-sized child writhe and convulse within his fleshy bindings, but its time to say goodbye to fresh air!~ As he said that, the fleshy tendril expanded out in an umbrella shape, pulling back down to cover his face.

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