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#9822 - After a few minutes I felt I could pee so I asked “you sure you want too?, “I’m sure” she said, I relaxed and felt the post cum pee push its way out and then it jetted over her, the first squirt went onto her right shoulder and breast then she aimed the stream of piss to wash my cum off her tits, it loosened off in the stream of pee and slid downwards, she chased it down between her legs with the jet then brought it back up and dropped her head, her mouth taking all my softening cock in, the first mouthful she spit but the next was swallowed and the next, then she withdrew and said “can you stop it?” I clenched and the stream stopped “why?” I asked, “I want you to piss in my ass” she said, now anal isn’t something I get very often so I wasn’t going to say no, “ok” I said “lean over the edge of the bath”. .

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