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#348467 - Of course, he had meant that was the reason why he wouldn’t take that last step, but Sophie didn’t see it like that, all she saw was they only need to do it once and then he would put out whenever she desired! She wasn’t sure whether or not that would actually work, but god knows she was trying her best to find out. In the beginning, they had cooked together, but as time had gone by she had insisted that she cook alone, just a habit of hers, she had explained. He had been reluctant, worried he would get under her foot and embarrassed that he was being effectively bailed out by his older sister, but she had been unwavering and, before he had known it, he had moved in with her.

Read Soft 炭誕に寄せて - Kimetsu no yaiba | demon slayer With 炭誕に寄せて

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Kyosuke kasuga
Nice one thanks
Orga itsuka
Wow would love to see a hentai of him returning the favor very sexy woman