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#211951 - Knowing that he wouldn't be able to satisfy her, Becky had already begun flicking her clit with her free hand, and as her pussy juice leaked down her leg, her clit grew hard and stiff under the steady pressure her skilled fingers applied! Phil was rapidly approaching his orgasm, but what he really wanted was to have Becky stick one of her nipples into his mouth, he really felt oral, and was dying to taste her! Hearing his request, Becky opened the front of her blouse and unhooked her bra freeing her 34B tits into the air, and after moving her body around she put her right nipple up to his mouth. Later on, as she left the hospital and head for home, she couldn't help but think what a nice man Phil Grove was. When she went inside she could see that the TV was going and that Phil was watching a game show.

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