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#283326 - lucy wasnt sure what he ment but standing in the middle on the table lucy began playing her pussy rubbing it and sliding her fingers in and out, she moaned softley and squeezed her nipples, suddenly one of the men said, i will have some now dear, lucy didnt know what to do, but the man motioned her to walk over to him, keep playing with it he said, lucy continued to touch herself right in front of the old man, at that point he tilted his head back and opened his mouth, then motioned towards his mouth, lucy understood and standing on tip toes lifted her pussy over his face and lowered it on his mouth while still fingering her clit, the old man lapped and likcked at lucys cunt, lucy was enjoying this strange slave girl game she was playing, the old man stopped licking and pulled his face away from lucys pussy,thank you dear he said, lucy moved back to the middle of the table and continued playing with herself being called over by random men and letting ththem lick and eat her pus

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