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#201872 - Amy went back to her little fiddiling with my cock till I got back to where I was hitting the entrance to something but this time the head of my cock slipped in and proceeded to push in I couldn’t really tell if this was her pussy or her ass I asked Amy the same question I was thinking she just told me to reach down and have a feel witch I did I found my cock and felt the hole engulfing it it was definitely her asshole my cock was actually submerging inside her asshole. Amy knew what I wanted I withdrew my fingers from both holes tasting them both then getting her to go on all fours I asked her if I could taste her ass she seemed a little embarrassed but still told me if I must then do it so I ran my tounge over her hole for a brief second I to found it a bit awkward I guess it is because we are best friends and still a bit self conscious about my sex life I went to find a condom and made sure it was an actual lubricated extra strength one rolling it over my cock and aiming my cock i

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