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#363198 - Lyn not to miss a chance said bring it here I'll bite it, I turned my cock at her mouth, and Lyn took it in and gently bit my cock head, Lou laughed as Lyn then kissed it better for me, each time my cock grew bigger, Gretchen now looking on with wide eyes, as Lyn kept her hold on Lou's cock, my cock now fully grown, Lyn turned to Lou and said your turn if you want, he looked at Gretchen stood and Lyn sucked his cock fully in her wet mouth, Lou shook as she licked her tongue around the end and then swallowed it whole again. It was then I said well we had better move this party to the caravan, as we need lube to help, Gretchen quickly moved saying Let's go, pulling Lou with her as she stood, as Lyn stood I said coming ? to the other couple, they grabbed their clothes and walked with us, introducing them self as Sue and Rick. As the water boiled I poured the drinks, and Lou asked for sugar, this time I just smiled leaned over Gretchen and got the sugar from the same cupboard, this

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