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#291353 - I am sorry for anything that is not written well in this story. “OHHHHH” THAWK the whip lands across your stomach, as it hits I say no sounds bitch you will get you master in trouble, I hear a humph as agreement, so I continue to toy with you, then I pull off your bra I give you a deep kiss and I feel like I’m in heaven as my tongue crosses yours, then as I break, I lean around again and take your left nipple in my mouth, it’s so sexy as I toy with it, so then I reach into your shorts, and I grab your phone, I get into your contacts and I text a friend, come to room 105 in 20 minutes, then I turn your phone off and I set it on the ground as I set it down I pick you up and I set you down so I can pull off your shorts, but be for I do I start kissing down from your bottom lip to your stomach and I keep kissing you there until your shorts off and the I move down to your pussy lips as I slide your amazing black g string to the side and I slide my tongue in to you, I hear it again OHHHHH

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