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#167167 - like five people whom I didn't know to well, so I updated my states Sssssoooooo bored, nothing to do, save me, plz, anyone!!! I posted it hoping to get someone to chat me. she said with a sideways smile    Well I tell you every day, I said matter-of-factly    Am I the only one that dose that to you? she asked as if she was honestly curious    yes, you are, I said honestly     The next thing she did was so unexpected I jumped, she grabbed my shoulders, pulled her self up (do to the hight difference, me being 6'3 and her being 5'8) then leaned forward and kissed me, hard, after I got over the shock I started kissing her back, we made-out for I don't know or care how long, but it felt like forever- that good kind of forever like when you drink from the coldest water fountain in the building or like the first bite of the best stake ever- but when we parted I asked Dose that mean were going-out now?    She responded by kissing my cheek and saying what

Read Petite Teen Dare mo Okite wa Naranu | No One Wake Up! Bang Dare mo Okite wa Naranu | No One Wake Up!

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