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#144385 - . in the afternoon, being a senior partner at one of Chicago's major law firms could at times be challenging, but most often grueling!!! She was about to put her key into the dead bolt lock on her door, when as if by magic it swung open and she was greeted by a pale thin young blonde boy of nineteen, who stood in front of her naked except for pair of pink silk panties!!! Oh, Mistress, he gushed, I am so glad that you're home, I missed you so much today!!! She stepped inside the door and while giving him a kiss on the cheek, stuck her free hand inside of his panties and asked, Did you get everything done that I asked you to?!? As his organ swelled in her hand, he replied excitedly, Oh yes, I went to the market and ordered the groceries, I made an appointment for you at the beauty parlor for Saturday, and of course I shave all of my body hair, is it smooth enough for you, he asked hopefully!?! We'll see, she replied a little gruffly, now hurry up and get me a d

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