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#69992 - QUEEN B is on her way muthafucka you better be ready to pleasure 2 BO$$ES. When she finally arrives at 6:45, she gets out her Lexus lookin sooo BOOTYFUL, like a BO$$! Jimmy Choo's is the first thing i see when she steps out then that Bootyball bouncin' in her designer DRE$$ with no panties(she never wears underwear). LETS GO TRIK she demands as we approach her door, U Know what to do bitch, strip naked, assume the position (on my back, on the floor with my head on the loveseat), and put all my tributes on the table trik she bosses! Pimp Mama has what she calls her Booty Chair that she places over me, then she sits in reverse with her Bubble Butt hangin' off so her A$$ is right in my face.

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Shinichi handa
Damn nearly knocked herself out with them juggernaut titties
Karen hojo
Take down her hentais